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San Diego Class Action Lawyers

The greater San Diego area features some of the most gorgeous scenery in California. Between its gorgeous beaches, great restaurants, and roaring nightlife, many peopele flock to this wonderful area to make it their home. Unfortunately, however, many of these people also find themselves the victims of large corporations and deceitful employers. Many of these employers contiually commit workplace violations that cheat honest, hardworking Californians out of money. Many of these violations are wage and hour related including: unpaid overtime; working off the clock; exempt vs. non-exempt missclassifications; failure to provide meal and rest breaks; and several others. Use the resources on this website to educate and empower yourself to claim what is yours and put an end to wrongful practices.

Experienced attorneys who have won over $1.3 billion in awards

The attorneys and Blumenthal, Nordrehaug, and Bhowmik have extensive experience in class action lawsuits. Time and time again they have demonstrated their ability to aggressively take on large corporations and fight for the California worker. Whether you have been wrongfully terimanted from your workplace, was the victim of discrimination, or continually work overtime hours for which you aren't compensated, the San Diego class action lawyers at BNB will be there to assist you. Browse over some of BNB's landmark cases to see for yourself the body of work they have done over the years. 

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The class action employment attorneys at BNB in San Diego offer free, confidential consultations to people who suspect they may be the victim of a workplace violation. They can be reached at (858)-367-9913. You may also fill out the web form at the top of this page and BNB will contact you. They can also be located at 2255 Calle Clara Drive, San Diego, CA 92037.